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And Love Said No....
And love light would....
Well here we go... 
11th-Mar-2006 07:54 pm
Well i had to start this new journal because i lost the password to my old journal. SO i am starting all over agin..

Lets see what is new.. Lost all my money.. someone stole over 3200.00 from me. Gosh what anm ordeal this has been. So not good at all.

Anyways I will finally be moving out. Looks to be maybe end of April. Am looking forward to it. KC is moving to town in April too.. so we will be able to see each other more. which will be nice.
Anyways.. i miss you all so very much.. Many hugs...

12th-Mar-2006 01:53 pm (UTC) - SPEAK
Reminds me of a "Queensryche" Lyric;

"Speak the word, the word is all of us"

Just over a lost password? I think LJ lets you create a new one.

BUT - it's a sign, right??? You have started so much over, so this is definately a sign too!

Hope you get the f---- who did that to your money!!!

As withches we may not be able to "hex" as that is not good or proper intent, but can certainly protect ourselves!!

love jetta ~
13th-Mar-2006 01:39 am (UTC) - Re: SPEAK
Yes well the email address i had signed up under was also not validated so apparently there was nothing i could do.. Anyways.. hope that you are well sweetie. thanks for the card. it def cheered me up..

Miss ya much..

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