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And Love Said No....
And love light would....
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5th-May-2007 06:35 pm - wow
wow so here we are and omg its been so long since i have posted in here. i am slowly getting back to things. i had my surgery and going back to work soon. bummer i liked being off but i am bored now. i want to go back to work and get back into the swing of things.
hope everyone is well.. and happy birthday to my mommy...

hugs and love.. L
30th-Sep-2006 08:10 pm - Hello World....
Well here i am again.. and wow have i come full circle right back to where i started from. I am moving back into my house with my hubby and looking to buy a house. i am trying to give my marriage a jump start. i am hoping that this time around it will work but only time will tell. his mom hates me and i cant get over that but i will have to. i am not married to her. but its painful to hear none the less. anyways.. life is good other than that. kc and i are still the best of friends.. she has been there for me to see me through some very very tough times...

anyways i am busy at work with my promotion... i do alot of work now and take alot of time helping others and directing the dept. so i am busy all the time. and still meet kc for lunch everyday.. i have to say i work with alot of great people.. and they are my dearest friends... i hope all my buddies are doing well.. Miss you all so very much..
Lighter news: Gordon is second in the points chase.. whoohooo
Sad news: HIM cancelled their us tour.. Crap

Love you all much ~ L
9th-Apr-2006 01:58 pm - Hiya
Hiya world.
I am doing good.. and wow 6 days till i move..

So anyways nitemare420me and revolverkiller had a great weekend. we are all soo damn funny. we kill ourselves...

Am looking forward to the next week but boy what real busy week this will be..

Anyways hope everyone is well and i miss you all so very much..

Hugs ~L
25th-Mar-2006 05:33 pm - Moving Day
So its offical. I will be moving.. I signed the lease for my new place on friday.. so my move in date is 4-15-06.
I am excited and scared at the same time. 
But hey the move might very well be a blessing in disguise. We shall see. Anyways.. hope everyone is well.. will be real busy in the next week. 

jettaboldt owes me an evil letter..         revolverkiller and his girlfriend... nitemare420me will be my new moving buddies and welcome party crew. this should be really interesting to say the least. 

Anyways.. will Be real busy in the week to come but lets hope that i stay sane through all the chaois...

Well i love ya guys talk to u soon.. L
22nd-Mar-2006 08:45 pm(no subject)
Hello world.. 
wow just another day.. but no jury duty thank goodness...
but anyways life is busy looking for an appt but it wont be easy i know that much. my credit isnt great so i am not looking forward to this. 

Anyways i miss you all real much, and hope that everyone is well. 

will write more soon .. 

Hugs and friendship~ L
19th-Mar-2006 05:03 pm(no subject)
Hi  everyone its sunday and no race.. bummer....So not much else to pass the time.. so i am updating this again.

I hope that everyone had a great weekend.. I enjoyed sleeping in and caught up on some much needed sleep i am glad that also it was nice weather again today.  My little guy is going to be getting his shots for kindegarten on friday, i cant believe he will be going to school.. my little guy. He is too cute and getting so big.
I also have been called for jury duty next week.. i am really hoping i dont have to serve.. its such a pain in the ass.. but we shall see..
My pups is doing really great. He is too cute. i love him so very much. Its great to have him such great company. he is always following me around and always sits on my lap or sits right next to me.. its cute.

Miss you all so very much  hope to write again soon..

Hugs ~L
18th-Mar-2006 03:48 pm - Hello its another day ...
Well here it is another day. Well i went out and got my kids their bed, how awesome it will be. They will have so much more room to sleep.. so its sat.. a nice day i might add.. lovely weather. actually have the front door open to let the fresh air open.

I am so tired and just plain exhausted.. life is taking alot out of me. But i hope to get things back on track real soon. Looking for my new apt already. and thats pretty exciting... So i need to get some much needed stuff. Boy that will be entertaining. Anyways the kids went to see my family today so the house is pretty quiet. LOL

I chatted with my very best friend.. jettaboldt yesterday.. and that was awesome cause we dont always get the chance to chat. i can tell you so is one of the sweetest people i know.. she is the best :)

I havent seen.. revolverkillerin awhile.. he is probably home being a complete moron.. so nothing is new with him.. lol...

anyways.. i hope that everyone is well and taking good care of themselves.. tomorrow is nascar and snacks.. whoohoo

Hugs and Love ~ L
11th-Mar-2006 07:54 pm - Well here we go...
Well i had to start this new journal because i lost the password to my old journal. SO i am starting all over agin..

Lets see what is new.. Lost all my money.. someone stole over 3200.00 from me. Gosh what anm ordeal this has been. So not good at all.

Anyways I will finally be moving out. Looks to be maybe end of April. Am looking forward to it. KC is moving to town in April too.. so we will be able to see each other more. which will be nice.
Anyways.. i miss you all so very much.. Many hugs...

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